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Meet Sam
Meet Sam

Consolidating all your business travel needs into one streamlined experience, Sam is the ultimate mobile companion for professionals on the move.

Built from the ground up with a sole focus on business travellers, and inspired by the combined expertise of hundreds of Flight Centre Business Travel (FCBT) experts, Sam is powered by AI and in many ways replicates the 121 service you would expect from a real life person.

Sam is way ahead of other business travel apps on the market, both in terms of its super-intuitive interface, and the sheer amount of features it offers. The app is free to download on iOS and Android devices.


Why did we build Sam, and who is it for?

We built Sam to enhance our industry-leading business travel service, and as such, people travelling for work will get the most use out of it (though anyone is welcome to download and use!).

And while Sam is clever enough to handle many of the more logistical and administrative tasks that in the past would have been dealt with by your travel expert, it certainly isn’t designed to replace that same travel expert.

Rather, it frees up more of their time to offer you an even more personalised experience, focussing on the specific needs of your unique situation, and anticipating and organising the kinds of things only a human could. If at any point you would rather speak to an actual person, that option is available 24/7, every day of the year.

We fully understand that on any business trip, time is precious, as is peace of mind. We’re constantly seeking innovative ways to extend the former, and foster the latter, and Sam is just one example of that ethos.

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Whether you're a traveller or travel arranger, download our Sam brochure to find out how it's been designed to meet your needs throughout every step of your journey.

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What does Sam do, and what are its features?

Sam has been specially designed to meet the requirements and anticipate the needs of business travellers throughout every step of their journey. Broadly speaking, the app caters for three key areas - booking, information and alerts - but also provides a platform for things like webchat, and recording expense claims at the end of a trip.

Car rental / taxis

Organise your car rental along with your flights, or find an Uber or Lyft taxi once you’ve landed


Find a hotel and update your reservation along with flight changes, if necessary

Sam book trip
sam itinerary


Travel itinerary

Once booked, receive your full travel itinerary, simply laid out and easy to follow

City guides

A week before your trip, you’ll be sent a city guide, full of practical tips and advice

Restaurant recommendations

Get a recommendation for a highly rated restaurant near to your hotel and within your budget

Airport info

Everything you need to know, from your boarding gate to your baggage belt on the other side

Real time flight info

See exactly when your flight is due to depart, and be notified about connection information

Exchange rates

View completely up to date exchange rates between currencies of departure and arrival


Check-in reminders

As soon as check in is available (usually 24 hours before flight), receive a reminder to do so

Flight changes

If there are any changes to your flights or connections, you’ll be notified immediately

Departure gate changes

As with flights, you’ll be the first to be alerted to any departure gate changes


Receive forecasts for your destination, including anything which may interfere with your trip


Get real time traffic alerts, to make your journeys to and from airports as efficient as possible

Sam Alerts
sam chat

Admin and assistance


Do all your checking-in through Sam, and receive your boarding pass on your phone

Expense reports

Once home, use the app to file all your expenses, keeping in line with your company policy


If at any point you want to speak to a person, select web chat and be connected immediately

When can Sam be used?

Sam can be used at any stage of your business trip, from the initial planning stages right through to claiming expenses after the trip is complete. The app has been designed to fulfill your needs every step of the way. And remember, if at any point you would be more comfortable speaking to one of our people, that option is always just one button-press away.

Where can Sam be used?

Like FCBT itself, Sam is a global service, and therefore can be used all over the world. In terms of logging on to the app, all you need is your device and an internet connection (although some features will of course work offline, like bringing up your boarding pass).

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