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Through our green initiatives, promotion of responsible travel and our employee-nominated charity of the year, we work hard to minimise our environmental impact and give back to local communities.

The Flight Centre Foundation is FCTG’s way of harnessing the collective goodness of our people, industry partners and customers to give back to the communities where we work, live and travel.


Each year we enter a relationship with a charity chosen by our staff. In 2019-20, our chosen charity is Age UK. Age UK is the largest charity in the UK fighting to improve the lives of older people. It works tirelessly to reduce loneliness in older generations across the country - by working with Age UK, Flight Centre is hoping to make life better for millions of people.

Flight Centre - Charity of the Year
Helping reduce the impact of poverty and changing lives locally and globally


Using profits from sales of their products, Wildhearts (our office stationery provider) generously offers loans, helping reduce the impact of poverty and changing lives locally and globally.


Flight Centre Business Travel has taken significant steps to reduce the amount of waste we produce. These include:

  • Ensuring all our stores and offices have recycling bins that are easily accessible and available
  • Printing information only when necessary and using double-sided copying
  • Sourcing and using recycled, unbleached and 100% post-consumer paper for printed materials whenever possible
  • Donating old computers and mobile phones to charity.
Recycling and Waste Reduction
Green Energy


Flight Centre is actively working reduce our consumption across all our offices and stores with our teams. Through energy efficiency and encouraging reduction our offices and people actively impact our energy.


Flight Centre in the UK have teamed up with Susterra to offset all our staff travel to and from work conferences in the UK and overseas, by investing in projects that reduce emissions. Most recently we have invested in a wind power project located in the Maharashtra Region of India which delivers renewable electricity to the southern region grid replacing more carbon intensive fossil fuel energy sources. In addition to environmental factors, this project has resulted in additional employment and infrastructure in the local community.

Carbon offsetting
Flight Centre Foundation


Through the collective efforts of our people, industry partners and customers, the Flight Centre Foundation gives back to the communities where we work, live and travel. It is not simply about financial support; it is about volunteering our talent and time.

In Soweto, South Africa, we have supported the rebuilding and repair of a school with employees from the UK flying out to pick up tools and help. We have also provided solar energy packs to areas without the electricity to generate light and across the globe at a local level, our people are continually raising money for projects and charities in their own communities. When natural disasters or emergencies occur, if we can, we will also help with one-off appeals.

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