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HelloFCBT is a comprehensive digital travel platform, using tailor-made tech to allow you to book business travel and enjoy a wide range of other useful features.

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What are the features of HelloFCBT?

HelloFCBT has been designed and built to satisfy your various business travel requirements as reliably, quickly and efficiently as possible. Specifically, you can look out for:


You’ll have your own personal profile, where all relevant information can be added and updated, from past bookings to future ones, regardless of whether you’ve booked by yourself, or with one of our Travel Experts. This is also where you can save various preferences, which include things like seat locations (avoid the dreaded middle!) and dietary requirements, like ensuring you always get the vegetarian meal, and not the cow stew.


If anything happens that may impact your itinerary, you’ll see alerts on HelloFCBT (though we’d recommend you download our app, Sam :], for these too, as they’ll ping onto your mobile, meaning you might see them a bit quicker). Alerts include things like flight changes or cancellations, weather conditions and traffic status in-destination.


The HelloFCBT platform is where you’ll find all the contact information for your dedicated Travel Expert. This includes things like their direct phone number and personal email address. We strongly recommend using the services of our Travel Experts for any business trip which involves overseas travel (especially long haul or flights that require connections), and or that has multiple employees travelling, so you can not only get the best rates, but be secure in the knowledge that everything has been organised to a T.


It’s possible to upload your company Travel Policy to HelloFCBT, so that it can be easily and quickly consulted by your travelling employees, who will be able to ensure they keep within its guidelines at all times.


HelloFCBT is the place you go to to make bookings yourself, if you decide you don’t need the help of a Travel Expert (e.g. for a simple and short haul point-to-point flight). Bookings are super quick to make, taking only around 2-3 minutes to complete from start to finish, and you can book more than just flights - for example, trains, car hire and hotels. All itineraries are saved permanently, so if you ever need to make the same trip, once it’s been organised once, it’s organised forever.


Travellers can see specific data points that show things like how many nights they’ve been away, how much they’ve spent and how many miles they’ve travelled. This is particularly helpful for department managers, who control large travel budgets and need to ensure that there’s not overspend (as one example) on a top level. They’ll also be able to keep an eye on the activity of individual employees.


We’ve made payment as easy as possible on HelloFCBT - once payment methods have been added (for example, a company credit card), they won’t need to be reentered each time. Any outstanding costs will be invoiced the month following the booking.


Our sophisticated reporting software means that not only can you keep track of what you’ve spent with us, but also how much you’ve saved. Being part of a global travel company means we have access to all kinds of fares and rates that simply aren’t available to the general public.


Our business travel itinerary management app, Sam :], is the ultimate companion for professionals travelling for work. It has all kinds of features, but is primary designed to make itineraries run as smoothly as possible, and offers things like real-time travel alerts, to help you avoid potential problems and the like. It also sends you information about your destination, like local restaurant recommendations and city guides.


For quick answers to your questions about your trip, our live chat functionality is the best place to go (we understand that a phone call isn’t always necessary!). If you want to check if you’ve added bags to your flights, for example, just fire over the query in the box, and you’ll have an answer in seconds.


We understand that business isn’t always the be-all and end-all of the trip, so we always let you know about amazing travel offers from the wider company, offering you amazing discounts on leisure excursions and the like.


This function allows managers back home to see where their employees are at any given moment. Our interactive map shows where everyone is, and will flag if they are in the vicinity of any incidents, whether natural or manmade.


HelloFCBT consolidates all your expenses into one place, making it as easy as it possibly can be for employees to claim back once they’re back on home shores.


HelloFCBT is a whizz at reporting, and will show all manner of things, like how much has been spent (and indeed saved!) on both an individual level and departmental one, and will also show where missed savings have occurred, which will help you to be more cost-effective next time around.

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