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Benefits for SMEs

The wide-ranging benefits of using travel management companies (TMCs) apply to all types and sizes of businesses, but they can be particularly fruitful for startups and SMEs in ways that aren’t always obvious. 

Naturally, in the very early days of a business, any travel that’s required will tend to be booked on the fly, so to speak, but the entrepreneurs involved in such ventures would be very well advised to at least have a conversation with a TMC to understand how there are better ways to go.

What do TMCs and business travel agents do?

TMCs are used by business owners and employees for whom travel is a necessity, and they serve two core purposes: to save time and to save money. 

In the case of Flight Centre Business Travel (FCBT) this is achieved mostly through a combination of expert travel agents providing person-to-person service; state-of-the-art technology that makes booking, tracking and expensing trips quick and easy; and leveraging the weight of the global corporation in which it sits to secure access to exclusive fares and room rates that aren’t available to the general public.

FCBT benefits specifically helpful for SMEs

Further advantages from FCBT that are particularly worthwhile for entrepreneurs who are already juggling a host of responsibilities, and SME leaders and decision makers who are tasked with cost-efficiency, can be seen below. 

All the following benefits come as part and parcel of our general service and are totally free of charge.



Free access to range of industry-leading tools

FCBT’s booking platform HelloFCBT makes organising travel super straightforward, and its AI-powered and award-winning business travel app, Sam :], provides everything business travellers need while on the move.

By consolidating everything from the initial booking to the post-trip expense admin into one easy-to-use platform, HelloFCBT simplifies a complex series of processes and provides visibility over everything at once. Meanwhile, Sam :] is a virtual assistant for while you’re in transit, sending alerts in real time and allowing you to book things like taxis as and when you require them.


Tailored Travel Policies at no additional cost

Travel Policies are an essential part of any company’s travel programme but can be hugely time-consuming to formulate from scratch, and are a difficult thing to prioritise for any entrepreneur or business owner with a million other things to do that week. 

Again, this is where using a TMC like FCBT can save you time and potentially money in the long run by offering ‘travel policy’ templates which your personal agent can customise to fit your exact needs.


Supplier management and exclusive rates

Being part of a massive global travel corporation means FCBT has already done all the hard work and negotiated exclusive rates with airlines and hotels all over the world. By using FCBT as your TMC, you too will have access to those rates, meaning you can either travel for less or for what you would have paid, but with a much higher degree of comfort. 

On top of this, you’ll also have access to heaps of perks, like free WiFi and breakfasts and the like.


Loyalty programme management

It’s a mistake to think loyalty programmes only benefit those who measure their air miles in light years. Even if you or people in your company aren’t travelling regularly, we can still make sure you’re getting the most out of whatever loyalty programmes are available, which are far more numerous than most people assume. 

We live and breathe this stuff, so we’ll grab any opportunity to boost your comfort, snag a perk or save you some cash with both hands. 


Expert training and upskilling free of charge

Putting together a travel management programme for your employees and all that goes with it, like duty of care and travel expense policies, can be mind-bogglingly complicated, so we’re always on hand to run free training sessions for those who’d benefit from it, like executive assistants.

These can come in the form of scheduled webinars, including Q&A segments and other kinds of content, or simply by ad hoc conversations with our expert agents, who are always happy to help.


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