How Travel Management
Balances People, Process
And Technology

How Travel Management Balances People, Process & Technology

Just like a business trip itself, a successful travel programme has multiple moving parts. One of the numerous things Travel Management Companies (TMCs) specialise in is ensuring these parts are not only working perfectly in their own right, but also that there is a consistent healthy balance between them.

Three core components of a successful travel programme

At FCBT we believe there are three overarching components that together create a successful business travel programme, and that it’s only when the three are working in total harmony that the travel programme as a whole comes to life.

Now more than ever, it’s never been so important to get these right. As the world starts to tentatively move back towards normality, businesses have more responsibility than ever before to safeguard the physical and mental wellbeing of their travelling employees; to make sure their travel policies are running as smoothly as possible; and to leverage technology in such a way as to complement and enhance the above.

  1. Ensuring the wellbeing of your people

Your people are literally the heart and soul of your business, and Duty of Care to their wellbeing is of paramount importance for a range of reasons, from moral to legal to financial, and no one understands this better than your TMC. Happy, confident and looked-after employees will have high morale, will be more productive and will be more focused on getting the job done.

FCBT has developed a variety of measures designed to put your people at front and centre when travelling, because we know that any type of risk to your employees equates to a risk to your business. These measures include things like Emergency Assist, which provides a constant safety net propped up by Travel Experts who are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

  1. Implementing effective processes

It might be tempting to take it as a given that any kind of process is by default ‘effective’, but this would be a mistake - if you have poor processes when it comes to business travel, they could be more damaging than no processes at all. Again, this is something FCBT specialises in getting right.

A decent Travel Policy is everything here, and serves as a blueprint for your business travel programme. We can assist you in creating a Travel Policy that’s completely tailored to the specific needs of your employees and business, and help you integrate it in such a way that it covers things friction-free and end to end.

  1. Leveraging state of the art technology

Intuitive, reliable and genuinely useful technology is the final piece of the pie. Any TMC worth its salt will have invested heavily in developing such tools, and FCBT is certainly no exception. Our tech is designed to meet the unique requirements of both business travellers and the people who arrange it for them. Our tech doesn’t replace our people, rather it enhances what they do.

HelloFCBT is our desktop technology that allows travel managers and arrangers to book trips in a way that’s super fast and cost-effective, and to collate various admin, like managing bookings, all in one place. Sam :] is our mobile app that acts as a companion for travellers on the move, and has all sorts of itinerary-based functionalities, like check-in alerts, booking updates, and expense management.


Maintaining a healthy balance between the three

Unless these three things are working in conjunction with one another, they have limited impact. You could have a Travel Policy, for example, that exhaustively details how to save pennies at every turn, but unless it takes into account employee wellbeing, you may find those same employees pay little attention to it, or may even resent it. Similarly, you could build absolutely incredible technology, but if it can’t be leveraged to support your Travel Policy, it will be of limited value.

At FCBT, we see the whole picture. We know everything has to complement and feed in to everything else, and we specialise in finding that balance to create holistic travel programmes that make everyone happy, from the travelling employees to the accountants back in the office to the CEO.



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