5 Steps to ensure
Traveller Safety when
booking hotels

The way we all travel has changed on several levels – it’s no surprise that COVID-19 has brought a whole new world of precautions, protocols and procedures to ensure traveller safety. To help our customers make informed choices when it comes to accommodation, we’ve put together 5 quick steps that can help businesses support travellers in this new world. Safeguarding their health and wellbeing should always be number one priority.

1. Look at your travel policy in detail.

Work with your Travel Expert to review your preferred hotels. Assess their safety and hygiene measures, and if using local suppliers make sure they have been vetted or are recommended by your travel consultant. Amend your policy to state that employees must stay in approved accommodation only. 


2. Stay up to speed on regions where your travellers need to go or transit through.

Keep across any breaking infections in the region your employees are travelling to. Ask your Account Manager or Travel Expert how Sam :] can keep your travellers safe with alerts and risk destination mapping. Visit our Travel News Hub, to see latest updates and alerts from hotel suppliers, as well as an interactive map and AI chat to keep you informed of restrictions in different regions. 


3. Know your hotels.

We do this for you but it’s also important to understand what your hotel providers are doing in terms of cleaning and hygiene practices. From Hilton ‘CleanStay’ to Marriot’s ‘Commitment to Clean’, hotels are setting the bar high for cleaning standards in a post-COVID world. To find out what measures a particular hotel chain is taking, reach out to your Travel Expert or visit our Traveller Hub.


4. Help your travellers be prepared.

Do you need to supply PPE for your employees such as disposable masks, gloves, sanitiser, wipes and a digital thermometer? Having travel packs stocked with these items will go a long way to ensuring your employees feel safe and confident travelling.


5. Ask for feedback.

This is one of the most important things to remember. Check-in on your travellers post-trip to find out what they’re thinking. Were they comfortable with the accommodation choice? Did they see anything that would be cause for concern? One of the benefits of booking all travel with your TMC is if there are any post-trip concerns with traveller health you can easily track their journey using the TMC’s reporting.


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