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On March 11 2020 the World Health Organisation (WHO) officially declared COVID-19 (coronavirus) a global pandemic. This outbreak and the resulting measures put in place to curb the spread has left many businesses questioning how best to start travelling again. Here at Flight Centre Business Travel we don’t know what the future holds but we can advise on how to handle traveling now or what to prepare for, we have put together a list of frequently asked questions to address some of the concerns you may have.

*Please always check with your own company or your employer’s travel policy and crisis plan

Q: There’s so much changing with travel, how do I get the latest information before traveling?

A: Very Valid question! It’s really important to stay on top of all travel news, restrictions and allowances are changing daily so it’s great to have multiple ways to stay informed. Our Travel News Hub is our most up to date source of information, with supplier announcements, an interactive map and a multitude of helpful information, makes sure to bookmark this site for constant regular check-ins. If you want a more personal approach, no worries, our Travel Experts are always here to talk you through the latest news and updates as well as the specifics of your trip.


Q: As a travel manager, what should I be doing before we start to travel?

APreparation is key! So using your time wisely before travel picks up fully again is great. There are many things to consider and there are many ways to make sure travel picks up as smoothly and safely as possible. Have you considered creating an interim travel policy, a policy that is specific to a changing environment and bears in mind the current situation? Have you encouraged all your travellers and travel managers to download Sam :]? Sam is our excellent app which does a whole host of things to help travellers and travel arrangers alike! From online check-ins to real time notifications of travel restrictions, traffic updates, weather alerts and more. For more information specific to travel managers visit our travel manager hub


Q: As a traveller how can I prepare for my next trip and how can I stay safe and healthy?

A: Like the previous points have mentioned, there is a host of information out there that can support a traveller’s return to travel. Keeping abreast of changing news by visiting our Travel News Hub can help you be prepared and understand all current situations. But your trip is not all about dodging Coronavirus, after spending months likely working from home and most things familiar about travel changing, it’s important to make sure all aspects of travel run smoothly and you feel comfortable. We recommend that all travellers download our Traveller Guide, it’s perfect to help be prepared and is packed with health and wellness tips for business travellers. For further insights specific to travellers, visit our traveller hub.


Q: I’m nervous about travelling again, what should I do?

A: That’s completely normal, it’s been a weird time… it still is a weird time. But the beauty about the travel industry is how adaptable it is. The changes made at airports or to in-flight experiences should only be seen as positive changes, the adaptations have only been made for traveller safety. There’s an age old saying ‘fail to prepare....prepare to fail!’ and this can be true of travel, especially if you’re nervous about getting to the skies again. If you really don’t feel ready to travel speak to your employer, your travel manager should be able to provide you with more information to put your mind at ease or look at postponing your trip until later. 


Q: How can I stay up to date when i’m travelling

A: If you’re a customer of Flight Centre Business Travel then the best way to stay up to date is with our handy app Sam. Sam will send you real time updates should anything regarding your trip change, as well as hosting your full itinerary and information. Your Travel Expert is also an excellent point of call should you need to know anything while away. They will keep in touch with you should anything about your trip change or should restrictions where you are traveling are updated.


Q: If I need to make changes or cancel an upcoming trip due to the evolving nature of the situation, what do I do?

A: Call or email your dedicated Travel Expert, they are on hand to help you reschedule or cancel your flights, hotel and transportation. We also have our 24 hour emergency assistance team that you can contact if you are travelling within 24 hours and it’s outside of UK business hours.


Q: As someone who arranges travel for my company, how can I check what future travel has been booked for my company?

A: Get it touch! Your Travel Expert will be able to pull a report to let you know what upcoming trips you have booked in, who will be going where and when. Should you need to make any changes to upcoming trips you can do this too.

If any of your employees have booked online via your travel platform HelloFCBT, you will be able to see all online booking there too.


*This information is up to date at the time of publication and is subject to change



If you're planning on travelling then make sure you stay informed on what's happening, not only here but where you are travelling to.

We've created a global travel hub to keep our travellers informed with local information from different regions around the world. 

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