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When it comes to travel management, it’s hard to overstate the importance of having trustworthy tech at hand to facilitate the planning, booking and post-trip admin for business travellers. Equally crucial are tools that deliver real time alerts for - and anticipate the needs of - those same travellers when they’re on the move, while keeping everyone back in the office aware of what’s happening.

FCBT has developed two industry-leading solutions that meet these precise requirements, and this blog will give you an overview of how together they make life so much easier for both travel managers and the people taking the trips.

Hello FCBT — Desktop interface for planning & booking business travel

HelloFCBT is a digital platform best used on desktop whose primary purpose is to make planning and booking business travel as easy, smooth and cost-effective as possible for travel arrangers.

  • Planning & booking

While travel arrangers always have the option of using one of our Travel Experts to organise a trip, for simpler journeys that don’t require specialised knowledge, HelloFCBT is the place to go. Bookings generally only take 2-3 minutes from start to finish, and as everything is saved in one place - including the specific preferences of specific employees - if you need to repeat the booking at any point, it’ll all be there waiting for you.

  • Duty of care

In what will be the post-COVID world, Duty of Care will become more important than ever before. HelloFCBT features traveller tracking in 'who is where', allowing you to see where your employees are at any given moment or where they are headed on upcoming trips under the 'view bookings' function. With multiple handy features to make it as easy as possible to keep track of your teams.

  • Blended solution

In a more general sense, what makes HelloFCBT so popular with travel managers is that it consolidates all the many moving parts of business travel into one seamless platform. Everything being accessible in one place, whether that’s booking arrangements, traveller tracking, profile management hugely reduces the workload and admin requirements for those in charge of arranging travel.

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Sam :] — Mobile itinerary app for business travellers on the move

Sam :] is a mobile app that sends travel alerts and provides various itinerary functionalities. It’s been designed to be the ultimate mobile companion for both professionals on the move and a source of realtime information for travel arrangers and the wider travel management team.

  • Travel alerts

A key functionality of Sam :] is to send realtime alerts to both travellers and travel arrangers. These alerts range from check-in reminders, gate changes and flight changes, to things like letting travel managers know when certain employees have arrived at their destination. This means that as well as having a close eye on where people are, if there are any problems that need fixing, you’ll be immediately notified.

  • Itinerary functionality

Traveller itineraries are displayed in an easy-to-read manner, showing everything from flight times to hotel check-in info. Sam :] also allows both travellers and travel arrangers to update itineraries as they see fit, including things like meeting schedules, and organising car rentals or taxis once on the ground.

  • Useful information

Sam :] gives a plethora of useful information, ranging from practical matters, like current exchange rates, weather conditions and traffic reports, to inspirational stuff, like recommendations for restaurants close to travellers’ accommodation and even city guides for places like New York and Dubai.

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The people behind the tech

One final word on the people behind all these awesome tools: as excellent as our tech is, it wouldn’t exist without the real life Travel Experts behind the scenes. They are on hand for you 24/7, and there’s no problem they haven’t encountered before and don’t have a solution for. So if you need to speak to an actual person, just call, email or webchat, and we’ll be there for you!

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