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One element of budgeting for SMEs that might seem a little tricky right now to get right is that of business travel. With no precedent to base a rough template on, and with international borders still liable to open and shut at a moment’s notice, calculating what to set aside can feel difficult.
travel leakage
There are various temptations that lead employees to book outside of a preferred partner, like the perceived value of low rates, or just personal convenience, but the overall cost to the company of these collective individual actions far outweighs any apparent saving on any one trip.
Given this uncertainty, many businesses are now under more pressure than ever before to tighten the purse strings. But whilst cost savings are necessary, the savviest companies will be reviewing their books through a longer-term lens.
Health Check
It's time to reset and work out how to bounce back with a watertight travel programme. Take your programme out of hibernation by performing a health check to understand what you can do to take it to the next level.
The wide-ranging benefits of using travel management companies (TMCs) apply to all types and sizes of businesses, but they can be particularly fruitful for startups and SMEs in ways that aren’t always obvious. 
Flight over city
If 2020 has taught businesses anything about their travel it's the need for flexibility. With ever-changing travel bans and restrictions or the personal needs of travellers changing, the need for flexibility stands as a priority. 
state of the market report
Over the past six months nearly 2,500 business travel managers, bookers and travellers in EMEA, Asia, the Americas, Australia and New Zealand have taken part in our State of the Market surveys, in order to give us greater insight into our clients’ prevailing sentiments on business travel conditions as countries emerge from the COVID-19 crisis.
plane seats
If you’ve decide to create an interim travel policy, it’s essential for the safety and wellbeing of your employees to make sure they’re on board with the changes. We’ve collated our top tips for getting your travellers to use and comply with your interim travel policy.
City skyline
As the coronavirus situation continues to develop, we've put together a list of frequently asked questions to address some of the concerns you may have.
Airline Checklist
To help our customers make an informed choice when it comes to flying, FCBT has created a report that documents the cleaning and safety protocols airlines are implementing at all stages of a traveller's journey.
Zoom Fatigue
It took a global pandemic to force the world into remote working and virtual meetings. Now science has proven what we've all been feeling ever since our working world moved online.
Zoom fatigue, a term used to explain the exhaustion people feel after a day on Zoom (or any online call platform), is real.
Flying Safe
We polled our followers on LinkedIn to see if they would feel safe jumping on a plane within the next month. A solid 70% of respondents said YES they’d feel comfortable travelling by air very soon - reassuring news for airline stakeholders, no doubt.  But that did leave us wondering what the other 30% might need to feel comfortable before they are willing to fly.
Hotel key
The way we all travel has changed on several levels – it’s no surprise that COVID-19 has brought a whole new world of precautions, protocols and procedures to ensure traveller safety. To help our customers make informed choices when it comes to accommodation, we’ve put together 5 quick steps that can help businesses support travellers in this new world. Safeguarding their health and wellbeing should always be number one priority.
There has been a public transport update from the UK government which has come into effect from June 15th, 2020. It has become mandatory for all travellers to wear masks or face covering when on a train or public transport. To help clear up any questions you may have about these latest updates, we’ve created a Q&A.
Ever find yourself slightly confused with some of the jargon used around business travel? We’ve collated some of the most common business travel terms and created a jargon-busting dictionary, keeping it simple in 100 words or less. We’ve got you covered from A to Z!
Flight Changes Graph
There are many everyday ways that a TMC can support businesses, even smaller ones, from improving costs and increasing efficiency BUT when there is a crisis, especially on an international level, that is when a TMC can really shine a light on their value.
Happy Staff
Companies with a genuinely strong employee culture, who ‘walk the talk’ in terms of their commitment to providing a supportive and rewarding working community, will see their people return that commitment and loyalty tenfold.
Businessman in hotel room
Many hotel chains are making changes to their loyalty programmes to help their customers maintain their status levels and point totals despite the near-total travel freeze we’re experiencing. Here is a snapshot.
FCBT is closely monitoring the current novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and the impact on business travellers - keep up-to-date with the latest news during this active situation.
Man on phone
COVID-19’s impact on the travel industry has been unprecedented, putting even the most robust travel risk management plans to the test. But how can we make sure we learn from the coronavirus pandemic, applying these teachings to ensure travellers’ wellbeing and safety?
Amelia Earhart
Nearly two-thirds of all travellers today are women, but this hasn’t always been the case. this International Women’s Day, we've taken a walk down memory lane to celebrate some of the female trailblazers and pioneers of travel.
Rail business travel
Rail is a great way for the business traveller to get around. However tickets can be expensive and the range of tickets on offer complicated, so it’s worth looking at how to reduce these costs.
5 of the biggest business travel myths
For those who don’t often travel for business, it’s easy to glamorise it. But those who do travel face the sometimes tedious routine of packing, catching flights, taking taxis and getting ready for meetings. But it doesn’t have…
Business trip stories: good vs bad
Even with the best laid plans, business trips don’t always turn out as you expect. Sometimes flight delays, adverse weather, erupting volcanoes and missed meetings mean things just don’t go your way. Other times, the stars align…
Cathay Pacific: Business Class review
When travelling to China, Hong Kong and the Far East, one carrier stands out: Cathay Pacific. Living up to its promise, the Hong Kong flagship airline has revolutionised the Business Class experience for passengers. But would a…
Etihad baggage allowance explained
Are you flying with Etihad on your next business trip? Whether you’re flying in Economy class or First, make sure you know exactly how much baggage you can take on your Etihad flight, to avoid any confusion. The amount of…
A first timer's guide to business class
Flying business class is a whole new world. A world of lounges, leg room, proper champagne, celebrity chef-prepared meals and sleep – actual, full body reclined sleep. But before you get too excited, there are a few things to…
How to beat anxiety for frequent flyers
Whether you’re feeling nervous about getting back on the road, or have a longstanding anxiety or phobia about travelling, here are our top tips to help you feel more in control, and to make your trip a smooth and happy one.
The rise of the South Korean Airport Robot
The Rise of the South Korean Airport Robot When you check in for your flight at South Korea’s Incheon International Airport in Seoul, don’t be too surprised if instead of being assisted by airport information staff, you…
Surviving a business trip with your boss
Although business trips give you the opportunity to see new places, experience new things and meet new people, they can be quite stressful. Working in an unknown environment while meeting your company’s expectations is…
Tips for sleeping well on a plane
It is the bane of travelers getting on a plane for both business and pleasure—difficulty falling asleep in a seat, especially in coach, and the attendant horrors of jet lag after landing. Studies have shown that lack of sleep can…
Using travel as a stress reliever
Sometimes, travelling for work can be pretty stressful. Charging about the planet from meeting to meeting and from hotel room to hotel room gives you very little time to relax and unwind. But, with a recent study…
Which is the best passenger aircraft for you?
The World’s Best Long-Haul Commercial Aircrafts When deciding exactly which flight to book for you or your travellers, there are a number of criteria to consider. Cost is undoubtedly a factor, as well as convenient…
The worlds best airport hotels
The World’s Best Airport Hotels These days, airport hotels don’t have to be the boring, functional places with drab restaurants and identikit rooms that you might be picturing. Instead, many now come armed with top-of-…

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