The benefits of encouraging
employees to work
and travel at the
same time

In our increasingly connected world, it’s becoming less crucial for teams to be based in the same office to achieve the results they need.

So why not empower your employees to live, travel and work where they want to, and in turn encourage better employee morale and work ethic, for improved business results? Here are four reasons to let your employees travel while they work.

1. A change of scenery provides inspiration

We all know what it’s like to feel stuck on a project, only to go for a walk and the fresh air and new surroundings provide a new breakthrough in minutes. This is apparently why Steve Jobs declared there would be only one set of bathrooms in the whole Apple headquarters - so employees would have to walk, allowing time for ideas to sprout.

Whilst a stroll may not always be possible due to the British weather, allowing employees to live, work and travel in new places provides brand new perspectives and ideas. This is not only important for people with creative professions, but anyone wishing to discover new ways of thinking and unlock the power of thinking differently. 

2. Networking in new markets

When we talk about networking we're not only talking about making new connections for business growth, no, networking can be just as important for idea generation, problem solving, and moving your business into a new stage of growth. New contacts with different ideas and perspectives can be invaluable for any business. The chances of making these crucial connections are only increased by employees taking the chance to work and travel. 

3. Increased productivity

If you’re travelling in a new city, where there are new places to explore, or you’re on a different time zone, sometimes you need to strike a balance between immersing yourself in something and knuckling down to get the job done. By allowing your employees to work remotely it forces them to take charge of their time management and workload, giving them ownership, freedom and an enthusiasm boost.

4. Personal growth equals professional growth

This is possibly the strongest argument in this case. If an excellent, loyal employee feels restless, or has an urge to explore beyond their home town for a time, allowing them to work remotely while they travel could be the smartest business move you make. Our personal and professional lives are so intertwined that feeling personally inspired and fulfilled - whether that’s travelling to learn a new language, discover new places, or travel solo for the first time, can only have a positive impact on the work we produce. And this in turn creates longer lasting, loyal employees.