How to encourage your
travellers to stay
within policy

Writing an effective company travel policy, designed to help your business’ travellers follow booking and reimbursement procedures, is a tricky task. But enforcing it within your company once it’s written can be even harder.

Here are Flight Centre Business Travel’s six top tips to get your staff to use and comply with your travel policy:

  1. Make travel easier for your travellers - Your business travel policy must be compiled with the best interests of your business and your travellers in mind. If your travellers feel your policy assists in making their lives and business trips a bit easier, they will be more willing to comply. Travel managers should consider added extras to make travel less stressful for them, such as free upgrades, wi-fi and other perks to make life on the road smoother. If you use Flight Centre Business Travel to manage your company’s travel programme, these perks are all part of our global smartSTAY corporate benefits package, so offered as standard to all clients.
  2. Keep your travel policy short, simple and sweet - Your policy should be as short and to the point as possible. This eliminates the chances of travellers and employees misinterpreting it.
  3. Communicate your policy to your travellers - No-one will know what to comply with if you haven’t shared the travel policy across the organisation. Keep it top of mind by reminding travellers where they can access the policy at any time.
  4. Keep up with the times - Make sure your travel policy is built for today’s traveller, by including cost-effective options to suit everyone. Book accommodation according to your traveller type and ensure they match your travellers' needs.
  5. Outline your expense policy - One of the biggest expenses to companies is the extras that travellers spend and claim when travelling. Make sure your policy clearly states what you will and won't consider a travel expense.
  6. Partner with a travel management company - Using a TMC like Flight Centre Business Travel will not only help enforce your policy, but will help ensure your travellers comply and give your business the best payment options to prevent overspending.

Make your travel policy easy and fun and the compliance will fall into place! By ensuring your employees book their travel according to your process, you can take back control when it comes to how much they spend, reducing travel costs and ensuring duty of care.