6 ways to save
on your rail spend

Taking you from city centre to city centre whilst cutting the additional time and hassle of getting to an airport, rail has huge benefits for business travellers.

There are also environmental benefits, and the good working environment trains offer - particularly if you're travelling from meeting to meeting. However rail tickets can be expensive, even more so if bought last minute, and the range of ticket types on offer can be complicated. So we've pulled together six tips to help you cut the cost of your tickets and reduce your rail spend. 

6 Ways to reduce your travel spend

1. Book in advance

Booking close to travel is sometimes unavoidable, but if you can book in advance there are huge potential savings.

For example, these weekday return options:
London to Bristol Return
Day before travel: £144.40
3 Weeks before travel: £87.00
Saving: £57.40
Leeds to Edinburgh Return
Day before travel: £71.60
3 weeks in advance: £48.10
Saving: £23.10


2. Choose the right ticket 

To get the right ticket it's important to balance price against the likelihood of you plans changing. 
Anytime – Fully flexible tickets. Day Anytimes are valid for any service on the route booked that day, whilst Single and Returns are valid up to 1 month after the date booked for. Refundable*? Yes
Off-Peak – Good value, semi-flexible tickets. Singles are only valid for the specific booked day. If booked as a return, this is valid for a month. They're good to book if your travel is certain to go ahead as planned. Refundable*? Yes
Advance – Great value, non-flexible tickets. Available up to 12 weeks prior, you must travel on the exact time booked. Their inflexibility means they're not ideal for business travel. Refundable*? No

3. Use corporate benefits

By booking a rail ticket through FCBT, you can access fares specifically designed for the business travellers. These recognise the need for flexibility and savings.

If you have routes that are very heavily used, have a conversation with your FCBT Account Manager about corporate options.

4. Consider standard class

It goes without saying that usually Standard Class offers a good saving over 1st Class. Many train operators, such as LNER, are now rolling out free WiFi to Standard, making it a better working environment.

Booking into the Quiet Coach** and reserving a table seat also adds to the corporate benefits of Standard Class.

5. Use a railcard

If your staff have railcards, these can also be used on trips booked for work and offer savings of up to 40%.

National Rail has recently released a 26-30 Railcard, and there are other options too.

6. Claim Delay Repay

Delay Repay claims are proportionally lower from corporate clients than individual travellers. With the introduction of Delay Repay 15, even if the booked train is 15 minutes late there will be compensation to claim. Please note that compensation is due to the individual who travelled, not the company.

* Less admin fee ** Where available