How to fly safe
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When 2020 feels like something out of a fictional movie, it’s easy to ask yourself ‘how did we get here?’. It’s true that increased global air travel over the past few decades means viruses spread more quickly; so although we can’t answer the question of ‘how we got here’, we can look into ways we can travel safely again. After all - taking on some best practises going forward can help prevent the spread of any viruses in the future.

Focusing on air travel, we have collated the below ways you can ensure you fly safe and the precautions you can take to minimise your risk of becoming unwell. For every time you fly in the future.


Tips when travelling


A simple and effective way to protect yourself and others from coronavirus is thoroughly

washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Constant use of hand sanitiser can irritate your skin, however if soap and water are not available to clean your hands, use a hand sanitiser which is at least 60% alcohol.


If you are feeling unwell you shouldn’t travel, even if you feel that it is just the beginning of something or the tail end of a bad cold. It’s best to not travel and risk spreading a virus to multiple people you may come into contact with.


Wear a mask. If you need to, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Ensure you wear a facemask to protect your fellow travellers and, go home as soon as possible if you begin to feel sick while at work.


While many airlines are very hygienic and have introduced stringent cleaning measures, there is no guarantee that every surface will get the full treatment. Carry antibacterial wipes to clean your seat armrest, tray table, seat-back pocket, air vent, seat touch screen, headrest and window blind. The same advice is sensible for other items frequently used by travellers, such as hotel television remote controls. Also make sure to clean your hands after travelling on shuttles or taxis, holding handrails and using lifts. Getting pocket sized antibacterial wipes or sanitiser can be easy to pack in your hand luggage.


Almost all modern aircraft have HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arrester) filters that will filter 99.999% of dust particles and airborne contaminants such as viruses and bacteria, ensuring the highest possible quality of cabin air. However infection specialists suggest a window seat, away from passenger foot traffic, could offer you a bit more protection. So if you’ve been left feeling more anxious about air travel, then opt for a window seat on your next flight to ease your concerns.


While there is no vaccine for COVID-19, having all other essential vaccinations up-to-date will help you stay healthy and prevent your immune system from being compromised.


If travelling internationally, make sure to check our Travel News Hub for the latest information and advice. Travellers are advised to download FCBT's Sam app to stay updated on all travel disruptions. Staying informed about what is happening in the world can help prevent unnecessary travel to infectious destinations.


Travellers who bought travel insurance before COVID-19 became a ‘known event’ may be covered for medical expenses and cancellations. Most travel insurance companies tend to exclude cover for pandemics and epidemics, if you read the fine print. Insurance policies vary greatly, so it’s best to contact the insurance company directly or enquire via your travel manager.


Having a dedicated travel manager and a travel management company with 24/7 emergency assist (not just an answering service) is priceless. In emergencies they can be your most helpful resource. Should you ever get quarantined or denied entry to a country your FCBT Travel Expert can help with accommodation, flight changes, cancellations and alternative routing. Also download your travel company’s mobile app to stay up-to-date with travel alerts and changing conditions.


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