What Our Business
Travel Agents Do

Our business travel agents are at the heart and soul of what we do. They come from all walks of life, and are based all over the country, but they all have things in common: a genuine passion for travel, an unsupressable appetite for finding the best deals and options to suit your unique business needs, and a wealth of hard-earned experience in the business travel sector.

They are also part of a much larger global network of around 20,000 travel professionals, which means they have the weight of one of the world’s biggest travel companies behind them. They’re personable, friendly, super-savvy, and their single mission is to make your business trips as cost-effective and time-efficient as possible.

What do our Business Travel Agents do?

You can rely on our business travel agents to provide a variety of services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Other than of course organising all your travel needs from start to finish, you can count on them specifically for the following:

Personal calls

Although Flight Centre Business Travel (FCBT) uses cutting edge technology to enhance its offering, its foundation is its people, who are always ready to take calls, whatever the time or day. If you do happen to call outside of UK office hours and you’re facing an emergency, you’ll be put straight through to our 24/7 helpline in Australia, and won’t ever have to wait for more than three rings before speaking to a real person.

Budgeting and tracking spend

Our travel experts understand how important it is for you to stay on budget, and within the financial parameters your company travel policy lays out, so will always ensure that whatever is booked is in keeping with allocated funds. They will also keep a close eye on in-destination spend, and advise if budgets are being exceeded.

Keeping an eye on traveller whereabouts

Just as they keep an eye on spend, our business travel experts keep an eye on traveller whereabouts, too. As we all know, to travel anywhere (especially overseas) involves quite a few moving parts, and itineraries don’t always perfectly reflect reality. If there are flight delays, or unforeseen changes of some sort, our agents will know about it, and be on hand to advise or rearrange things if necessary.

Account management

When an additional level of analysis and insight is necessary (for example if your company has several workers who travel frequently), you will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager, for an even deeper level of personal service. This person will learn your business travel needs inside out, and be the consistent go-to for any requests, however simple or complex.

Clients that spend over £250,000 annually will automatically be assigned an Account Manager.

Reporting and data analytics

We understand that the money your business spends on travel is an investment in its own right, and therefore take great care to produce regular monthly reports, detailing exactly what’s been spent, and what on. Our travel experts will frequently crunch the numbers, using data analytics software, to find new ways your business can save money on travel, and generally make things more efficient.

Where are our Business Travel Agents based?

We believe it’s important to provide business owners with a travel service that is as local as possible, so have opened offices all over the United Kingdom and Ireland. Currently there are over 20 FCBT locations, in places including London, Brighton, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and Dublin, and when you call, you’ll always be put through to your closest option.

This means the people booking your travel live, work and breathe in the same regions you and your workers do, helping them to appreciate your unique business needs, armed with unrivalled regional knowledge. For example, they’ll be experts on the closest airports, and be aware of any regional events that may affect your trips.

It also means that face-to-face visits are the norm, adding that extra level of personalised service. In a nutshell, our agents are locally informed, but have the power of a global network behind them.

When can our Business Travel Agents be contacted?

Our business travel consultants work normal UK office hours - 9am-6pm Monday to Friday - and can be contacted during these times. If you have a dedicated Account Manager, it may be possible to speak outside of office hours, though this will depend on the individual relationship.

If you’re facing an emergency and it’s outside of UK office hours, simply call the 24/7 helpline, to be put through to a real person in seconds. We pledge that you won’t ever have to wait for more than three rings in such a situation.

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