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Most start-ups will be quick to acknowledge that business travel is an essential part of their growth strategy. While online meetings, web conferencing and video conferencing are great business tools – especially in COVID times – they aren’t substitutes for in-person relationship building that is so crucial to the fast growth of an innovative new business.
Travellers in Airport
As companies both big and small get back to business, it is quickly becoming clear just how much COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown have impacted available finances and resources. Many companies are feeling the pinch and are in search of clever ways to cut costs or find more value in what they are spending their budget on in terms of safety and security.
Hotel Savings White Paper
When booking hotels, for business or pleasure, we all want to secure the best inclusions for the best rate. But do any of us really have the time to shop around on all possible hotel booking channels, making 100% sure that we’re getting the best deal?
state of the market report
Over the past six months nearly 2,500 business travel managers, bookers and travellers in EMEA, Asia, the Americas, Australia and New Zealand have taken part in our State of the Market surveys, in order to give us greater insight into our clients’ prevailing sentiments on business travel conditions as countries emerge from the COVID-19 crisis.
health and wellness agenda
Health and wellbeing have always been an important consideration in business travel, for consultants, bookers and travellers alike. After all, business travel is so much more than getting a client onto a plane and into a boardroom. It’s about time, relationship building and ultimately, success. Happy, healthy and looked-after employees are the bedrock of any business.
Back on Track Traveller Guide
Let’s get back to business travel

After weeks of home working and zoom calls, preparing for your next business trip – domestic or international – can feel overwhelming. Even the most experienced business traveller will want to know what’s changed, what the ‘new normal’ of business travel looks like and how they can stay safe and healthy on the go.
Temporary Travel Policy
With unprecedented times comes the need for flexibility, especially with something as important as a travel policy.
While the common solution may be changing your travel policy all together, a more practical approach is to implement an interim travel policy – a policy created when a situation changes significantly for a brief period, with the expectation that things are likely to return to normal.
Business as unusual
By reviewing your travel risk and duty of care policies, travel technology, crisis management plans and comms, during these challenging times, you can enhance your travel programme and reap huge rewards in the long run.
Traveller Wellbeing White Paper
The mental and physical wellbeing of travellers can often be overlooked, so this white paper explores the five things to think about before your business trips and the crucial questions to ask when creating a Duty of Care checklist.
The Modern Business Traveller White Paper
Over the past two decades there has been a huge shift in how and why people travel for business. Business travellers still desire the same core elements, but the modern business traveller now wants things to happen even faster, and to play a greater role themselves.
Booking business travel for beginners
Whether you’re responsible for the travel arrangements of a small company with frequent, high-spending travellers, or a business owner who struggles to manage their own bookings, this guide will simplify everyday corporate travel processes.
A guide to your business travel expenses
The world of business travel expenses can be a minefield: keeping track of all those invoices and receipts, especially if they come in at different times from different suppliers, some by email, some printed, and some even written out by hand, can be a challenging process.

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